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Alliance Series 2in1 Running Shorts Men - 2nd Edt.

Alliance 2in1 Running Shorts Men - 2nd Generation

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Shipping & returns
  • The combination of a breathable & elastic inner pants and an ultra-light outer pants ensures a comfortable fit even during intensive running units
  • Elaborately glued seams of the overpants allow the hardly noticeable weight
  • small inside pocket and a zip pocket on the back
  • Laser holes ensure the necessary temperature equalization between the two layers
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A combination of lightness and comfort. These high-tech running pants consist of a breathable & elastic inner pants that protects your skin and keeps it dry. In combination with an ultra-light overtrouser with elaborately glued seams, it is comfortable to wear even during intensive units. The latest materials and ventilation holes ensure a perfect temperature balance between the two layers, even in hot weather. The zipped pocket on the back and a minimalist inner pocket store the most important items.

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