Collection: triathlon socks

Our triathlon socks bring performance to your feet and complete your equipment for the competition. With precisely fitting cuts and cleverly thought-out materials, our socks accompany you reliably in all triathlon disciplines for which you don't have to jump into the water.

Functional socks for top performance on foot

Even if socks look like a detail of your sports equipment at first glance - they ultimately determine how far your feet will carry you on land. Thanks to the optimal cut and the double cuff , our socks stabilize you in the crucial places without giving you a feeling of pressure.

The yarn reliably absorbs moisture and ensures faster evaporation, while reinforcements on the sensitive areas of your heel and underfoot absorb friction so that you can last even longer. If you like to be out and about at night, subtly integrated reflective yarn is guaranteed to draw attention to you.

Of course, our socks are also made in Europe with the highest sustainability standards.

At a glance

  • reliable protection against pressure points thanks to reinforced sections
  • breathable, sweat-wicking, soft yarn
  • Compressive weave at calf for a secure fit

Protected and dry feet in all weather conditions

When running and cycling, your feet do a lot of the work, which is why you depend on the optimal comfort of your socks. You have the choice between performance socks, ultra-light racing socks or socks made from fine merino wool. Whether you want to practice your favorite disciplines during the day, in the heat, rain, wind or at night, our socks provide the perfect base with their breathable, protective and supportive properties.

+ Are the socks suitable for both cycling and running?

We are passionate about triathlon, so we automatically think in both disciplines when designing our equipment. So we combined the features you need for cycling and running in our socks so you never have to compromise.

+ How do triathlon socks guarantee me protection against friction?

Our pleasantly soft yarn is reinforced in the areas that are exposed to particularly high loads when running or cycling. In this way, the pressure is cushioned and distributed. Light compression in the key areas also ensures a perfect fit and support around your foot and calf.

+ Why should I buy special triathlon socks?

The socks are at least as important for your equipment as your shirt. Your feet have to do a lot of the work during running, be it in a competition or in private training. In order to perform at your best, your feet should be protected from pressure points, stress and sweat.