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Triathlon gear helps you achieve your swimming, cycling and running goals. Everything you need for your passion can be found in our triathlon shop.

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Triathlon one piece

A triathlon one-piece suit supports you with an optimal fit and innovative material when swimming, cycling and running at all distances. Whether in your free time, during training or at the Ironman - with the perfect trisuit you are always in your element.

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Triathlon clothing

In our triathlon shop you will find exactly what will take you further. Triathlon clothing to the point. Perfectly equipped for every discipline. Engineered for high performance. Discover everything about triathlon clothing in our hub.

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running clothes

Our running apparel delivers performance from head to toe. It doesn't matter whether it's competition or training. With tailor-made cuts and cleverly thought-out materials and designs that have been developed for your high performance.

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Triathlon equipment that meets the highest demands

Triathlon is more than a sport – anyone who has tried this combination of swimming, cycling and running knows that.

This feeling of constantly re-exploring your limits, knowing your body well and experiencing nature with all your senses is simply addictive. That's why we at Ryzon are always looking for innovative materials and the perfect fit to support you in your mission. Our triathlon accessories are perfectly thought out and tailored to the high demands of professional triathletes. Similar to the triathlon itself, we are completely focused on the path that brings us to our goal: triathlon equipment of the highest quality, functionality and aesthetics.

After all, you're not just investing in clothes or accessories - you're investing in a once-in-a-lifetime moment that's only yours.

Our triathlon gear...

  • meets the professional demands for swimming, cycling and running
  • made of high-quality materials for perfect wearing comfort
  • high functionality and elegant design

Triathlon shop for training and competitions

In training, you usually concentrate on each sport individually. For swimming training, for example, a swimsuit, swimming trunks and swimming shorts are useful. Running clothing prepares you optimally for your training runs and there are also clothing for cycling that give you the best possible support during training. When it comes to competition, the triathlon equipment usually consists of a high-quality one-piece suit that you can wear for all three disciplines. The right equipment , such as swimming caps, caps and the right socks for running and cycling can also have a significant impact on your triathlon experience. In our triathlon shop you will find everything you need for top performance. Perfection for your triathlon.


The question of the right equipment also depends on your requirements. If you want to try your hand at triathlon for the first time, you should rely on solid quality at reasonable prices. If you have Ironman ambitions and want to keep surpassing yourself in competitions, innovative triathlon accessories can help you achieve your goal.


Your clothing and triathlon accessories must withstand the demands of three endurance sports. Triathlon equipment should therefore be breathable and water-repellent at the same time and have hydrodynamic and aerodynamic properties. Also important is an optimal fit and a cut that does not chafe on any part of the body. As a triathlete, you spend hours in nature and are sometimes exposed to enormous amounts of sunlight. Good triathlon equipment therefore offers you high UV protection. At Ryzon, we also rely on the innovative coldblack® technology, which guarantees a cool wearing comfort even in strong sunlight.


We mainly have our clothes produced in Europe. In addition, the majority of our products are REACH-compliant and meet the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. Because we always try to minimize our impact on the environment, we are increasingly working on triathlon accessories made from recycled materials.