Collection: Ryzon sports underwear made of merino for men and women

Our sports underwear made from merino wool offers the highest wearing comfort and maximum thermoregulation for men and women. The heat-regulating merino wool keeps the body pleasantly dry and warm during any activity. With its minimalist design, the underwear is perfectly suited to any sporting challenge.

Merino wool, a natural all-rounder

The sports underwear made of merino wool is particularly breathable . Merino wool is a natural material. It is antimicrobial and also odour-resistant due to the material properties. The wool is sustainably sourced, which means mulesing-free . The waistband is offset with synthetic fibers for a comfortable fit.

The thermal underwear is skin-friendly due to the natural materials. This also offers a high wearing comfort of the sports underwear. Especially when it comes to sports, you want to be able to rely on the functionality of functional underwear. The sports underwear is also particularly sustainable due to the production in the EU.

At a glance

The RYZON Merino women's and men's sports underwear is thermo-regulating, very skin-friendly and breathable.

Multifunctional underwear - for everyday use or top performance

Due to the multiple functions of the material, the sports underpants and shirts are suitable both for high comfort in everyday life and for high loads in sports. We have models adapted to individual needs for both women and men. The Ritual Performance Merino boxers can be worn comfortably under all shorts and pants.

Sports underwear is ideal for running, cycling and even longer bike tours. The antibacterial, skin-friendly and heat-regulating sports underwear is also convincing in everyday life. Functional underwear is ideal when combined with thermal shirts. Thermal sports underwear keeps you warm even better if you implement the layering principle. How to optimally combine the layers for running or cycling ? The chapters are linked.

+ For which activities is the underwear suitable?

The thermal underwear is well suited for running and cycling, as well as in everyday life or for other sporting activities, for example as a base layer for skiing.

+ What is the nature of the merino wool?

It is optimally thermoregulating and differs from synthetic materials in its natural composition. The merino wool we use is mulesing free.

+ How fit is he?

Underwear should fit snugly and act as a base layer. Also check out our Layer Guide