Collection: running jacket

Ultralight and weatherproof

Sports jackets have to perform a balancing act that everyday jackets are spared: They should warm and protect you, but at the same time offer you airy freedom during training.

Thanks to a well thought-out fit and high-performance materials, we can easily meet these requirements. Our materials processed in the EU are wafer-thin and therefore ultra-light and hardly noticeable. Innovative cuts combine a perfect fit with maximum freedom of movement, so you can train as if you weren't wearing a jacket at all.

Nevertheless, you can rely on protection from wind and rain, because despite their lightness, our fabrics are hard-wearing and impermeable to wind, weather and cold air. At the same time, perspiration is cleverly transported to the outside without impairing the protection against external influences. This moisture regulation takes place either via ultra-fine laser holes in the fabric or through a multi-layer construction

At a glance

  • ultra light, thin materials for carefree training
  • Perfect fit that provides compression and prevents chafing
  • reliable protection against wind, cold and rain

Train outside all year round with the right sports jacket

Since you don't want to limit your training in the fresh air to just mild summer days, you also have to equip yourself for other weather conditions in the other seasons. The right running clothes are required.

You can easily expand your functional outfit with the right performance jacket, which protects you from wind, cold and rain in any weather and still reliably transports sweat to the outside. All this without restricting your freedom of movement and with ultra-light wearing comfort.

All Ryzon sports jackets have an extremely small pack size and weigh very little, so you can always take your jacket with you and be prepared for anything.

+ How do your sports jackets manage to be breathable and insulating at the same time?

The fabrics that we process are very thin but still strong and extremely resistant and windproof. Depending on the model, we work with well thought-out, cleverly arranged multiple layers or ensure moisture is transported away with fine laser holes.

+ How do you guarantee the low weight?

The first important point is the extremely thin fabric, because you don't necessarily need more material for more functionality. For most models, we also work with glued or taped seams so that you are not weighed down by unnecessary material. This is how running jackets are created that you don't even notice when you train.

+ For which seasons are the sports jackets suitable?

Our sports jackets are suitable for all seasons, because a shower can surprise you at any time, even in summer. They keep wind and water off your body and have an insulating effect, which can be very useful in spring and autumn. Nevertheless, high breathability is guaranteed, so that the air can circulate under the jacket and sweat escapes.